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The future from an alternative perspective

The future is discovered in the unexpected. It’s found where no one has thought to look. And where no one, yet, has had the courage to go.

New Datacenter Technologies

Reimagining storage, datacenters, and networking… with the speed of light and a small, inexpensive pane of glass.

Explore the future of data

The Living Software Revolution

What if we could leverage our computational expertise to make bioengineering more reliable and robust, like our software programming is today?

Learn about biological computation

The Intersection of Art and Science

Juxtaposing art with technology to help people more fully experience their daily lives.

Enter our imagination studio

Microsoft Ignite keynote: Envisioning tomorrow

Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President Microsoft AI, talks about breaking down barriers and empowering the world by seeking solutions from an alternative perspective.

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Coming soon: Earth as a planetary computer

Lucas Joppa, Microsoft Chief Environmental Officer, shares his vision for building a prediction engine for the planet.

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